The blogging continues here…

The blogging continues here…

I moved to a self-hosted blog so I could learn more about that kind of stuff; the content is exactly as absorbing and insightful as here, but a little bit newer.


Hell and Damnation

So the stage times for the Damnation festival were just announced, and the lineup just became 50% less awesome, with 40-Watt Sun and Primordial playing at the same time as one another, and whilst one could watch the former then catch the end of the latter, it would be at the expense of a large chunk of Aura Noir.

Then there's Pig Destroyer vs Electric Wizard, and not a problem for me but I imagine My Dying Bride vs Belphegor will task some people sorely.

I'm starting to develop cold feet.

This blog is largely defunct.

I’m not keeping this up to date, largely because nobody reads it, and I’m more likely to post things to Facebook or Livejournal or whatnot.

An untended blog is a thing of shame, so I have redirected my domain name to a simple static contact page. It currently points to Facebook, which I suppose is everybody’s main internet presence these days.

I might come back to this later.

Anyway, for all things Big Hairy Dave, go to